Dental Hygienists: Expert Tips for HomecareDental Hygienists: Expert Tips for Homecare

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Dental Hygienists: Expert Tips for Homecare

In between regular cleanings with a dental hygienist, many people wonder what they can do to clean, protect and strengthen their teeth. If you are one of the many people with questions, this blog is designed to help you keep your teeth sparkling in between professional cleanings. It shows you how to adapt professional dental hygiene methods for your home, it explores home whitening techniques, it discuses the best flossing strategies and more. If you want to protect your smile, stick around. You will love the tips, tricks and ideas about dental hygiene that you learn from this blog. Although professional cleanings are necessary, these is a lot you can do in between your appointments, and you can learn about that here. Thanks!

Why you should whiten your teeth this summer

Its summer in Brisbane, and everyone is smiling.  That's why it's more important than ever to ensure that your smile is at its absolute best.  Teeth whitening can provide a fast, affordable solution to substantially increasing the appeal of your smile, and more.  Here's why:

Why is a smile important?

Nothing says 'perfect' quite like the perfect smile.  In fact, studies by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry have found that 96% of adults believe that a beautiful smile makes people far more attractive to the opposite sex.  Furthermore, says Jennipher Walters, Health and Fitness expert, a perfect smile can have many other benefits, including helping you land your dream job, helping those around you feel generally happier and also helping you to de-stress.  When individuals feel happy and confident with their smile, they are far more likely to do just that, ensuring they are, overall, happier, healthier and more confident.

Why are my teeth particularly prone to staining in summer?

Your confidence and happiness in summer is especially important, and unfortunately, summer is a time where your teeth are much more likely to get stained.  This is largely because in summer, people spend more time socialising.  This can result in the increased consumption of sugary drinks, coffee and alcohol, as well as the occasional laxness in looking after one's dental hygiene that can occur after a big night out. 

How does teeth whitening work?

The most common misconception about teeth whitening is that it must be 'very expensive', owing possibly to the fact that veneers and other cosmetic dentistry procedures can pricey. Tooth whitening, however, is most usually achieved for much less than this! For the cost of only a couple of dinners or trips to the pub, you can ensure you have a picture-perfect, bright white smile.   

Tooth whitening is also very safe! The procedure is very non-invasive, and involves gel being applied to your teeth.  The active ingredient in the gel is hydrogen peroxide, which, as it breaks down, allows oxygen to enter the tooth, bleaching any stains whilst at the same time ensuring there is no change or damage to the tooth structure. Patients may experience some discomfort during the process but the risk of anything more severe is extremely low.

Most importantly – tooth whitening is quick! The process takes a maximum of one and a half hours, so you can very easily come in on a lunchbreak, and leave looking and feeling like a better, more confident you.

This summer, ensure your smile is a cut above the rest by investing in affordable, quick and safe teeth whitening.  For more information, contact a specialist like Brisbane Mall Dental Centre.