Dental Hygienists: Expert Tips for HomecareDental Hygienists: Expert Tips for Homecare

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Dental Hygienists: Expert Tips for Homecare

In between regular cleanings with a dental hygienist, many people wonder what they can do to clean, protect and strengthen their teeth. If you are one of the many people with questions, this blog is designed to help you keep your teeth sparkling in between professional cleanings. It shows you how to adapt professional dental hygiene methods for your home, it explores home whitening techniques, it discuses the best flossing strategies and more. If you want to protect your smile, stick around. You will love the tips, tricks and ideas about dental hygiene that you learn from this blog. Although professional cleanings are necessary, these is a lot you can do in between your appointments, and you can learn about that here. Thanks!

4 Reasons to Consider Dentures Over Dental Implants

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular way to replace natural teeth, and they do hold a number of compelling advantages over the traditional set of dentures. However, there are some reasons you might want to consider dentures instead, so read through the following list of four before making a decision. 1. Dentures Are Less Expensive Probably the most commonly cited reason to choose dentures over dental implants is that doing so will save you a lot of money. Read More 

What to Do During a Dental Emergency

Knowing how you can manage dental emergencies is essential when it comes to reducing pain and saving teeth. Accidents rarely happen (when running down or up the stairs, on the field or playground) but when they do, emergency dental treatment is required. Seeking emergency treatment helps boost the chances of saving teeth or tooth and prevents infections. Familiarise yourself with the guidelines listed below and help yourself, and other people, during an emergency by taking calm and decisive action. Read More