Dental Hygienists: Expert Tips for HomecareDental Hygienists: Expert Tips for Homecare

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Dental Hygienists: Expert Tips for Homecare

In between regular cleanings with a dental hygienist, many people wonder what they can do to clean, protect and strengthen their teeth. If you are one of the many people with questions, this blog is designed to help you keep your teeth sparkling in between professional cleanings. It shows you how to adapt professional dental hygiene methods for your home, it explores home whitening techniques, it discuses the best flossing strategies and more. If you want to protect your smile, stick around. You will love the tips, tricks and ideas about dental hygiene that you learn from this blog. Although professional cleanings are necessary, these is a lot you can do in between your appointments, and you can learn about that here. Thanks!

Two reasons to have orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment requires a substantial investment of both time and money. However, if you are experiencing any of the following issues, it might be worth speaking to your dentist about getting braces. You're extremely self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth Having overlapping, crooked teeth can make a person feel extremely self-conscious. This self-consciousness can be so severe that it can even end up affecting their behaviour in their daily life. Read More 

Critical Steps Followed When Fabricating Same Day Crowns

Are you uncertain about the fast fabrication rate of same day crowns for your teeth? Below are the major steps that are followed to produce your restorations on the same day. Scanning Previously, impression trays were inserted into a patient's mouth to get impressions of the teeth so that restorations could be designed and fabricated. That process was often unpleasant because it required a patient to bite the tray multiple times. Read More 

Making Space for Adult Teeth in Your Child’s Mouth: Why It Can Sometimes Be Necessary

If your child should ever become self-conscious about their height (or lack thereof), you will probably do your best to not be concerned about such things, that everyone develops differently. While this is true, there is a time in your child's life when a lack of physical development has the potential to cause a significant issue. If your child's mouth is simply not yet large enough to host the impending arrival of their permanent adult teeth, what can be done? Read More 

A Toothache Caused By Steak: 3 Ways That Food Trapped Between Teeth is Harmful

Ask anyone and they'll probably be able to sheepishly tell a story of how they once spent an entire date or meeting with a piece of food or worse, herb, stuck between two teeth. While that situation is embarrassing, the only thing it will damage is your ego. However, if you have what dentists refer to as a "food trap", then your enamel and your gums could be at the mercy of tooth decay-causing bacteria. Read More 

Quick Tips for Avoiding a Visit to the Dentist

Few people genuinely look forward to seeing the dentist. While it's a good idea to see them every six months, there are ways you can avoid seeing them more often. From good oral care through to protecting the bacteria in your mouth, these tips are simple and can help you stay away from your dentist's office. Engage in good oral care Not only does poor oral hygiene make your breath smell, but it will also increase the number of visits you need to make to your dentist. Read More