Dental Hygienists: Expert Tips for Homecare


5 Tips for Managing Your Dry Mouth at Home

Dry mouth can occur for a variety of reasons. It can be related to various diseases, natural changes that the body goes through (such as menopause), side effects of some prescription medications, and even nerve damage. Saliva is necessary to help digest food and keep the mouth clean. It can be very uncomfortable to live […]

Are Natural Toothpastes Good or Bad For Your Teeth?

If you’re looking for a chemical-free toothpaste, then you may be considering switching to a natural brand. Natural toothpastes typically only contain organic ingredients with none of the chemical content of regular toothpastes. If you prefer to use natural products on and in your body, an organic toothpaste may seem like a good option. What […]

Signs That Your Baby is Teething

When you get bitten by your baby the first time, it may surprise you. You might not have noticed the different signs that your baby’s first tooth was growing in. Here are some signs to look for if you think your baby might be teething. Your Baby Keeps Crying By now, you are probably aware […]